The Segregation We Create

“Love is a Human Right.”

Let’s think about that phrase for a second. Have we lost the ability to understand what it really means? To think about our past atrocities to humanity is to look at a pretty bleak existence, to say the very least. I would like to shy away from any of that negativity for the time being and talk about where we are headed right now. It’s a very difficult topic to touch on, human rights, because no matter how much love there is to go around, there is an abundantly greater amount of evil. However, have the roles reversed?

Usually the persecuted fall under the wayside in these epic tales of human combatancy (it’s a word, trust me). This time, though, it appears that the persecuted have become the persecutors. How is this possible? Push a small group, they attract more numbers. Push them far enough, they start to push back, until they start to overwhelm you. It’s not a well understood concept but when you pick it apart, it is very easy to see why and how it happens.

We’ve got to be very careful, in this fragile LGBT+ community that we have of becoming the oppressors. I know a lot of people don’t want to hear it, but just today I read a story of how an “about-to-be patient” refused to go see a certain doctor because the literature their office had was supposedly not gay enough, which automatically made them, according to said pre-patient, homophobic. This just isn’t the case. We’ve got to remember that a lot of places are finally starting to come around, these processes take time, it’s not instant. We’ve been waiting for change for decades upon decades but if it takes a week longer suddenly there’s a huge problem with it. No. This article is pushing a very hard boundary, but it needs to be addressed. We can easily become the persecutors by letting our own demons run free.

Remember that love is a Human Right. Capitals and all. We all deserve it, and this includes the people that are not trying to be intolerant, living their “normal” cis lives. They deserve just as much respect as we do, until they prove they don’t any longer, in the case of intolerance. Until then. Until then, however, don’t judge anyone as any kind of phobic until they prove to be one. I hope everyone takes this to heart.

@natalie, proud LGBT+ and cis supporter.