What is Project TRANSlation?

Hey everyone and welcome to the project’s website!

I’m so happy that you’re reading this article and I hope you finish it, as it will give you some great information on the founding of Project TRANSlation, what we aim to achieve with it, and how it all is going to benefit YOU.

Project TRANSlation began out of a humble and simple goal. A friend of mine needed medical assistance to obtain hormone therapy treatments and was paying for them out of pocket, and it was a lot of money. That stuff isn’t cheap, but I don’t need to tell you that. This friend did not know that they qualified for state medical insurance, which would cover all of these treatments and even future surgeries and treatments for anything transgender or intersex-related. Fact is, a lot of people don’t know what kind of help they can get these days. Why? Because the information is hard to find, and very scarce and unhelpful when you do happen to find it.

The information is generally meant for people that are not transitioning, just your everyday person, so it makes you wonder if you can apply or not. Now some people take chances these days and just go for gold, do it all on their own, and take no $hit. Kudos to them for being self-sufficient, but unfortunately we’re not all wired that way. My friend didn’t really know what to do or what steps needed to be taken to apply for the coverage needed, and was also in the midst of a move. More often than not these days, people have cell phones, but lack computers of their own so checking state websites is not real user-friendly and easy to do. Together, I assisted in helping her apply for coverage and it was approved, after dealing with faxing in some extended paperwork.

Point being, it’s not easy. No one makes it easy. This is when the beginnings of Project TRANSlation came to me. If I could help my friend with this, how can I help others do the same thing? Can we bring everyone together somehow and help each other out with information maybe some people know but others don’t? Yes! Another fact today is that it is dangerous for anyone in the LGBTQIA+ (letters get added every day so don’t hate me if I missed one) to be outspoken on Twitter and Facebook. Backlash from prejudiced and bigoted people make it difficult for people like us to seek help on the normal social media routes. What we needed was our own social media network, still connected enough to the rest of social media, but separate enough that we wouldn’t fear asking a simple question: “Help?”

Project TRANSlation is meant to be your source to ask questions like Quora, be social like Facebook, and keep up-to-date like Twitter, all rolled into one nicely formatted package meant for Transgender individuals and their support systems. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join as long as you support each other and the cause, we won’t tolerate intolerance after all, but we also want your family and friends to share in your joy on this site with you, so don’t discourage them from joining!

Thanks for checking out Project TRANSlation. The future is looking oh-so bright!